Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A torch to pierce the night

It happened to me a few time ago at a show to compare my vision of hardcore to what's nowadays. And I felt out of place. To me this music came together with social, political and/or spiritual backgrounds, where bands would take a stand and care deeply about their beliefs.

The great thing that attracted me to hardcore in the first place is that I don't have to behave as “I'm supposed to”, that is totally OK to question everything and everybody, that there is a place for the “outcast” that do not fit in this world's rules, that life is way more than just “party” and be stupid. It's about knowledge, struggle, rebel. Not a teenage-like rebellion that after a few months vanishes away, following another trend. I'm talking about inside rebellion, constant inner struggle to achieve your goals. Not closing your eyes to accept things as they are. Resist. Never take yourself too seriously as well, but never forget where you come from.

I think it's very important to hear bands talking between the songs, having something to say they care about, being about political matters, social issues or spiritual paths they follow. It's vital to me that we keep in mind hardcore is not just about the music. It's about the music AND the message.

I might feel too nostalgic of the old days, but I rather disagree completely with somebody over something they believe in than just not thinking about anything and not taking a stand. This way hardcore becomes just like any other kind of music, and the motto “shut up and play” can be very real.

But I refuse to believe that. Despite of my nature to be aware people regularly let you down, I still think there's somebody in the crowd that wants more. That feels this is our time and we have to be able to do something about the shit that's going out in the world. That refuses to accept the things as they are without trying its best to change them. That dislike apathy. That feels that each one of us can make a difference every day. That thinks that never “giving a shit” doesn't make the life easier, it makes the life worthless.

A torch to pierce the night is the title of our new album. For all of you who are still resisting, rebelling, believing.

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  1. aguante purification, la resistencia vegan de argentina los espera ansiosos!
    seguimos en la lucha!