Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The big screen

I recently had the chance to watch quite some episodes of series and movies, and one particular thing caught my attention: Veganism is coming up in several occasions. For example, in "Scott Pilgrim vs the world", there's this guy who claims to be Vegan (and he added Edge as well), and while watching one episode of "Six Feet Under", there's a friend of one of the main characters that is vegan and cooks vegan food.

In both cases though, the vegans are seen as stupids or pictured as assholes. In case of Michael Cera's movie, the Vegan guy thinks he's better than everyone else just because he's Vegan and the worst is when it's generalized saying the Vegans think they are better than everyone else. I'll leave out the comments on the “Vegan police”.
In the second case, the Vegan girl is seen as a freak, and after she cooked a vegan meal with organic veggies and everything, the main character and his sister just mock her up and go to a fast food to get a burger.

It's not this is a complete surprise, we are even too aware of the stupid “fast food” American way of living where 34% of the population is obese, with severe health problems due to that. It means that over 1/3 of the US population is not fat, it's extremely overweight.

Maybe I was just hoping for a different approach on the subject, but after the first reaction of anger and disappointment, I realized they ARE talking about Veganism. It means it's spreading and whether it's been treated as something stupid to joke about, it's there, it means that it is a reality of modern times and that “those people” started to fear the growth of the cruelty free lifestyle.

The 2006 survey found that about 1.4% of men and 1.3% of women in the United States have vegan diets. In 2007 a survey of UK attitudes and behavior towards the environment found that 2.24% of the population identified as vegan. This means excluding the Vegetarians that are about double that number.

We are there and growing fast and they are starting to notice it.

PS: Big Fuck you's to Angelina Jolie.


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