Sunday, May 23, 2010

Afghanistan and the war

A few days ago two Italian soldiers have been killed in an attack in Afghanistan, all the newspapers put the news on big titles and most of the Italians defended the “troops sent to combat terrorism”...I just wish the reason why they choose to be sent to war was that one.

Not many people bothered to think why Italy, a nation that refuses the war as written in the Constitution, is invading a Country without no apparent reason other than Americans telling to go there because bad people, those Taliban, are terrorists.
But there's a little confusion here: aren't those the same Talibans that were negotiating with U.S. Government about the oil/gas pipeline that had to run through their territory to carry it to Pakistan and India?

So, until the main company supposed to take care of the construction was American and giving benefit to the USA, everything was fine. When instead the Afghans decided to go with a Middle East competitor, then there's the urgency of destroying the terrorists in Afghanistan, those Talebans (which represent 90% of the population) that dared to refuse to bent to the American Imperialism. And to do this, Italy (as other nations) sends his soldiers to kill and be killed in this “peace mission”.

But in all Italian history we never had a single Taliban terrorist attack, if there are risks is simply because of the US military bases all over the territory.

The general rule is simply not to oppose the US politics or you will be labeled as terrorist or communist and then invaded and attacked.

It worked with Iraq after 9/11, the terrorist attack was officially linked to Talibans but Saddam Hussein wasn't a Taliban, neither Iraq as a Country. This fake excuse worked out well as Americans were then justifying their invasion of Iraq to take control of the oil trade with the new Government forced on the Iraq, where US obviously had enormous control.

So I just thought, take for example Brazil, a new powerful economy that has a lot of natural resources to be used: so far so good as Lula is in good relationship with Obama and the US, but what if he decides that for the good of his own country and people it is better to go with China instead of US? I just guess that US will find another excuse (maybe the Taliban again?) to try to force Brazil to obey them. If they won't, they will send their troops, as it always happened.

How quickly did we forget about Vietnam? Because Afghanistan is following the same line. Local army defending their own territory against the US and European invaders is winning over the “good” one, with great losses for the Italian, US, UK and so on people.

The bottom line is always the same, war for oil power overcomes the life of people, soldiers, civilians, families, kids masked by “peace mission”.

Who really are the terrorists?

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