Thursday, April 29, 2010

Obama, can you really?

I was pretty excited when Obama got elected, his program and ideas were pretty much about to renew everything that America always was and is nowadays, a country founded over the blood of wars. The blood shed of the native population after the arrival of the English, an imperialist approach over the rest of the world forced by the oil need, repression of the local people and cultures applying the "western civilization".

I hope he would keep up the promises, and I think many people around the world did expect the same, a sign the very quickly assigned Nobel Price for Peace would suggest (an honor that people like Nelson Mandela or the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso received) that was supposed to push Obama to keep the straight line in his mandate.

Instead of empowering and push the green economy, Obama recently allowed more drilling for petrol extraction in USA, a thing that was avoided even by the warhead Bush.

Still 50% of the tax income goes to war/military and the presence of United States is still heavy in all Europe with bases and occupying the middle east territories most of the times not even knowing how to deal with local people and cultures. Obama should have avoided this in primis, this is again a war masked as a "peace mission".

Or take Monsanto, the huge company that produces GMO that pass all the tests because of the influence his administrators have over the politicians. It created vegetables that have extremely high allergy issues, that need an increasing use of pesticides to be grown, that cause death of animals who eat them in the fields and cost more than the normally grown ones. And still we see people directly connected to Monsanto very close to Obama in his administration.

America has trillions of dollars of Public Debt, so I should have guessed that a single person couldn't change the whole system. But somehow I put quite some expectations into Obama's mandate, if he could keep what he was saying in his campaign, or at least try to, it would have been an incredibly clear sign that politics can still do something good. Instead he's going with the flow and we HAVE to make the change.

Buy local products from local markets, buy organically grown and possibly national vegetables, oppose to the tendency of "letting go", spread the TRUE FACTS wherever and whenever you can, talk your friends into vegetarianism. We need to make a change but we have to do it by ourselves.

Yes WE CAN Obama, even not with your help.


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